Gianfranco Pooli
Data-driven digital business consultant with strong technical skills, focused on marketing and business growth. Based in Amsterdam.

Digital strategy consulting for your online business in Amsterdam

As a digital strategy consultant, I help you make sense of your online business growth and master digital marketing and technology.

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What services does a digital strategy consultancy offer?

A digital strategy consultancy can help you define digital objectives, goals, and KPIs. It can help you develop a digital communication and content strategy, and automate marketing processes.

Digital Strategy

A digital consultant can help you develop an online strategy where different channels and platforms work in synergy:

  • πŸ‘” Plan and roadmap for online business growth
  • 🎯 Defining digital objectives, goals, and KPIs
  • πŸ’¬ Developing a digital communications strategy
  • πŸ—οΈ Planning, building and managing custom digital tools
  • πŸ›°οΈ Digital transformation and automation

Why a digital strategy consultant for my business?

A digital strategy consultant helps you develop a roadmap, grow and achieve the online objectives of your business.

πŸ›’ E-commerce

  • Plan a content marketing strategy to attract better leads
  • Advise over digital tools for webshop platforms
  • Optimize customer journey and increase conversion rate

πŸš€ SaaS startups

  • Help your startup get traction and build a solid user base
  • Develop a online strategy focused on organic growth
  • Optimize the customer experience on website and social media

🌱 Digital businesses and non-profits

  • Digital project management and team coaching
  • Digital communications strategy and roadmap
  • Online community building and management

Your digital strategy consultant in Amsterdam

  • Results-driven

    I actually care about my customers and your digital goals.

  • Great communication

    Clear explanation of what is possible to achieve and how to get there.

  • No nonsense

    I don't try to sell you subscriptions to services you don’t need.

It is no coincidence if you found me on the Internet. Similarly, I can help you to get more online visibility, and help your customers to find your business.

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What does a digital strategy consultant do?

Developing a digital strategy means collaborating across departments. This strengthens connections and enables opportunities. An experienced digital strategy consultant has multidisciplinary knowledge and can communicate in technical and non-technical language.

What is a digital strategy?

Developing a digital strategy for your organization means adopting technology as a tool to improve productivity and results.

A successful digital strategy connects tools, data, and departments within a business: direction, operations, IT, marketing, and sales.

Remember: digital technology is not the objective; it is a medium to boost productivity in your business.

Why is a digital strategy important?

Many businesses invest in digital assets that operate in silos: website, social media channels, CRM, analytics and email marketing tools do not work in synergy. That is because they were not implemented as part of a strategy.

To use technology as a competitive advantage, and to keep up with competitors, digital platforms and channels should function as part of a structured plan.

How to build a digital online strategy?

An effective digital strategy supports with technology the business model of your company.

  • Measurable, clear objectives

    Make sure your business objectives are defined and measurable. How do they translate online? Effective measurement through goals and KPIs is essential for digital growth.

  • Research and analysis

    Investigate your target audience, your competitors, what keywords people use, and the current trends.

  • People and processes

    Evaluate the skills and training needs of the in-house team. When is it more efficient to delegate and outsource to freelancers?

  • Digital assets review

    What platforms and channels do you use? How do your digital assets score when compared with the competition?

  • Customers and audience

    Implement marketing automation and data flow: ideally CRM, business intelligence and analytics all work in synergy.

Hi, I'm Gianfranco. I'm a results-driven, experienced digital business consultant with strong technical skills and a focus on marketing and business growth.
Based in Amsterdam, in the last 15 years I have planned and directed the digital strategy of businesses, nonprofits, e-commerce, and online media platforms. I also love to take the initiative and grow my own startups.
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