Gianfranco Pooli

Digital business management, online marketing and technology. Based in Amsterdam.

Content marketing ideas for creators: Google Question Hub

Looking for content marketing ideas to tweak your online pages and drive more visitors? All you wanted to know about Google Question Hub in our FAQ

Clubhouse: what it is & how to promote your brand on the audio chat app

What is and how to use the popular audio drop-in app. How do chatrooms work? How to grow your brand on Clubhouse? All you wanted to know in our FAQ

Core Web Vitals: optimize your page experience for speed and ranking

Core Web Vitals is a new ranking factor on Google Search. In this page I'll share how to measure the performance of your website, and how to deliver a optimal page experience.

Marketing automation: e-mails, social media and workflows

A detailed explanation of what marketing automation is about and how you can implement it in your business. Cloud and hosted platforms to manage e-mails, social media, and CRM

Bing Webmaster Tools: keyword research and backlinks analysis

Boost your organic traffic with the new Bing Webmaster Tools: featuring advanced SEO reports, keyword research, and backlinks analysis of your competitors.

Microsoft Clarity: user behavior analytics, heatmaps and recordings

Microsoft Clarity is a new user behavior analytics tool that visualizes heatmaps and records screen sessions, to help you optimize the user experience of your website.

About Gianfranco Pooli

Hi, I'm Gianfranco. I'm a results-driven, experienced digital business consultant with strong technical skills and a focus on marketing and business growth.
Based in Amsterdam, in the last 15 years I have planned and directed the digital strategy of businesses, nonprofits, e-commerce, and online media platforms. I also love to take the initiative and grow my own startups.
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